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Slivers of Peace, Sprinkles of Love

Jul 09, 2020

Slivers of Peace, Sprinkles of Love


And Jesus said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

As I read those words, my mind sped back to the vision I had after Wayne succumbed to his heart arrhythmia in the restaurant. Upon arriving at the ER, the physician had said, “He’s having seizures and It doesn’t look good!”  Later, in the Intensive Care Unit, I watched Wayne. The seizures were mild and I closed my eyes to pray. I saw Jesus and Wayne walking around a lake. Jesus’s robe rustled softly in the breeze as they walked and talked. Wayne was pouring out his life’s story and shuddered as he spoke with the Lord. Hence, seizures.

I believed and held on to the fact that he was going to be fine. However, the illusion was a manifestation of denial. Denial, that sustained me until I was ready to accept his death.

But, in actuality, it was God’s sufficiency… His grace… that provided a two-fold sliver of peace. Initially, it was the peace in seeing that Jesus was ministering to Wayne walking and talking by the lake. Then, subsequently, it was the awareness that the vision meant that Wayne is in Heaven with Jesus!


The all-sustaining power of Jesus has allowed me to bless others as He blesses me!

I am able to “give out” as a response to what He has given me… sustained peace and the return of JOY!


As my neighbors’ roses began to open their petals in response to “God’s sufficiency to “the lilies of the fields.” I was reminded of our first Valentine’s Day celebration as a couple.

We met for dinner in Georgetown at a lovely Italian restaurant that has since closed its doors. We were talking and sipping wine. He stepped away from the table for a few minutes. When he returned, the Maître D, a very distinguished, Italian gentleman, strolled over to our table with a long white box filled with the most beautiful reddish-orange roses (Campbell Soup, Tomato’s Red), I had ever seen.  He sat them on the table. I thought they were recognizing Sweetheart’s Day so I peeked into the box and selected one of the perfect roses. Then, I looked up at him and said, “Thank you!”

He looked at Wayne, Wayne winked and said, “All twelve of these are just for you!”

Needless to say, I was blown away and, all of a sudden, speechless! (Unimaginable, I know!) From that day forward, I received roses on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and my birthday; always perfect and always a beautiful unusually a hybrid variety.

I never expected them but they always showed up! Just like they did April 22, 2017, our wedding reception for family and friends. We awakened to showers that day. Not a drizzle of rain, but a full-blown downpour! However, my spirits were not dampened. I chose to believe that this April deluge was an “abundant downpour of blessings” from Heaven.

We had arranged for the reception to be held at our favorite restaurant, Laporta’s, in Old Town Alexandria.  We loved the food, the ambiance, and the family that owned this establishment. They accommodated our every little desire to make this very special day one we would always remember!

Wayne and I had a little table for two nestled in-between our families and friends.

I remember looking around and seeing that the seating arrangement, that had gone out the window the night before, had miraculously had fallen into place. People had just migrated to people they knew and felt comfortable with. Everyone was laughing and talking.

We had decided to give all of our children a little token. I gave all the guys a two-dollar bill, while Wayne presented all the women in the family, with a long-stemmed rose. However, he did not stop there. He stood, and stated that every other woman in the room had walked with me through the death of Ruben and, then, through my bout with breast cancer, and, for that he said, “I recognize your love for my wife and I pledge my love to her for the rest of my life!”  Again, I was speechless! That was a declaration of his love that still baths my heart, and elicits a flood of warm feelings, that inevitably produces a smile across my face.

When a loved one dies and leaves this earth, they leave sprinkles of their love for us in our hearts that we can wrap in tiny, beautiful, little packages and open up their love form time-to-time. I pulled this one from my memory just today; a tiny little sliver of great love – which gives me peace, makes me smile, and floods my heart with lovely memories… praise God for His sufficiency and His grace.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and, as you pray and thank God for another day to celebrate -why don’t you open one of your tiny packages, smile, and sprinkle some love around!

While you’re at it, praise God for His sufficiency!


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