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I Never Knew...

Jan 01, 2021

Ora Jane Taylor Jones, my maternal grandmother, sits on the table filled with family photos. Regrettably, I never knew her, as she died when my mother was only six months old. Yet, I very much feel her presence and her spirit!
My face was” heart-shaped, just like hers in my younger years – now, my pointed chin has softened a little.
I was told she died of pneumonia in her early twenties, and, I dare say, that was a very significant loss for my mom! Heretofore, Mom was raised, loved, and cared for by a devoted aunt and uncle until she was nine years of age (another story, another time).

I stood at that table just a few days ago and prayed for every face reflected in a photo. I was not surprised to see pieces -parts of Ora Jane’s face in my grands; her almond-shaped eyes, her heart-shaped face, the radiance of her skin, and the smoothness of her complexion…WOW! Look at God’s handiwork in our family line. Strong DNA!

I often wonder what was she was really like? Do my resilience, determination, and entertaining personality come from her? The fact that people call me “sunshine” is she the reason? And, even though my mom did not know her, she was able to push on through loss, after loss. Is that where my passion to move through loss comes from?

Who knows?  But this I know for sure! I survived the demise of a 21-year marriage, and the loss of a child I carried next to my heart for seven months.  I buried two husbands thirteen years apart and my mother and my father died within four months of each other, yet, God’s grace sustained me through each and every loss.
I know that God and God alone carried me, guided me, and loved me!

Therefore, the passion I have bubbled up in my spirit and threatened to overwhelm me if I did not step out on God’s Word to speak…serve…share!

John 8:12  says; When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The light of a new day wakes us up in the morning.  The light of a lantern or flashlight guides us down a dark path. But, The Light of the World, Jesus, lives in our hearts, and His light flickers to a flame once we accept Him as our Savior! That flame grows and illuminates into a strong beacon of light that can show others the way to Jesus.  So, we must be the light that helps others to find Jesus!

More importantly, our light has to be recharged daily; just as we plug in our phone or your electric car, we must recharge our personal battery!
Try tapping into these four fav ways to keep “your light burning brightly:”
1.  Wrap yourself in God's Word through daily, individual prayer;
2.  Read your Bible every day;
3.  Read and memorize scripture, and
4.  Pray with a partner or a group of fellow believers at least weekly!

Then ask yourself often, how bright is my light shining for Jesus?


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