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Do You Know?

Nov 09, 2020

I listened intently to the message my Pastor spoke- that ties to something I have grown to know and embrace.  And I quote: “The circumstances that you find yourself in are the very circumstances that will propel you to God and the direction He has for you.”
 My take is not as eloquent but still hits home. “God will do whatever He has to, to get you where He needs you to be- to work out His plan, and purposes for your life.” In short, you did not get here by mistake or error. Your life matters and God wants you to know that!

The fact of the matter is, the sooner we realize our lives are not our own to do with what we darn well please, the sooner life begins to make some sense.  Our simple surrender invites Him in; to move and shape us into His “original creation,” to what He had in mind when He created us!

I can hear what you are thinking. “Hold on Missy, are you telling me that God set me on this road of death, loss, pain, disappointment, and despair just to get me where He wants me to be?”
 Or, as Pastor Jim would say, “God has propelled you to the very circumstances you find yourself in?” 
Stay with me.
What I am trying to say is that when we are broken, struggling, hurting, and have no idea which way to go; when we are weak, then, HE IS STRONG! It’s when we FINALLY throw up both hands in anger, despair, and frustration, that we finally say, THAT’S IT, LORD, I’m DONE!
That is surrender!!
That is when He can begin His greatest work… out of our brokenness!
HE cannot do anything for me as long as I’m Large and in Charge!”       

Rewind to August 2017 when I was standing my kitchen screaming and hollering, yelling, “What do you want from me?!

As the last, shrill word left my mouth, I remembered that God doesn’t require anything from me… “He wants to do MUCH more than I could ever think or imagine…” for me, (and for you!)  
If you have been traveling on this journey with me, you will recall that it was in that moment that I truly surrendered Wayne’s death, and my inability to understand why He had snatched two husbands from me! That was my moment of release and surrender!

When my soul emulsified into a liquid because of my pain, and my eyes had cried until I had no more tears to shed, then and there I yielded my everything to God!
 And that’s when He said;

 "Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28 (CEB)

Many blessings followed after that moment in my kitchen. Blessings of peace and the shedding of the anxiety I had struggled with for the last few weeks were felt at the moment of release! I realize now that the blessings would have eluded me had I not come to the end of myself. The end of me! My total surrender was not planned by me for that moment, but God knew, and He took me to the point of my surrender so He could begin a new work in me!

What do you need to surrender… to allow Jesus to begin His work in you; to begin to heal and allow you to experience your new normal?


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