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A Brand New August

May 03, 2022

Rewind to August 2017... scene takes place in my kitchen.

Lord, you have taken two husbands from me both in the month of August, both very suddenly! I don’t understand why! I don’t like the pain of death, loss, and separation!”

Then, I screamed, “What do you want for me? 

Fast forward... to August 2021

Slowly and ever so gently the Lord revealed His plan and purpose for my life beyond the loss of the two men in my life.

First, a blog, then a website, followed by a speaking engagement, teleseminars; little by little my points of pain were replaced by a deep well of passion and a bridge that spanned across the troubled water  entitled, "loss is not a destination!"

Since 2004 August represented a time of loss. I began to prepare in July by planning to make new memories and pulling out old pictures of fun-filled times.

However, God had a plan; in July the book that I had written in 2009, was finally approved by Audible and was ready to promote. Look at God! Then I received an email from Grief Share International telling me, that after two interviews they have decided to publish my story!  And I received the news 5 years to the day of my kitchen screaming event! God is true to His promises!!


I praise God every day for the way He filled in the holes in my heart and slowly turned my sorrow into joy! I have a new song to sing. He turned my mourning into joy and made me a mighty oak of righteousness for His Name's sake!

And He will do the same for you.


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